Floral Exterior (1996)

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 174.5 x 134.5

National Gallery of Australia, Canberra [2001.64]

This smaller variant of Houseomorphics (1996) was acquired by the NGA in 2001; a photo in Arkley’s files provides a record prior to the artist’s death. It may be identical with a painting listed in Arkley’s 1993-6 stock-book as with the Bellas Gallery, Brisbane in 1995 (see Provenance details, below).

In an eloquent essay on this painting, Deborah Hart (2002) describes it as an unusually expressive example of Arkley’s suburban style, and draws particular attention to the fleshy flourish of pinks in the foreground. See also Hart’s earlier comments on the work in Kennedy 2001: 19.


  • Possibly identical with a painting listed under the title “Floriated Address: in ARkley’s 1993-6 stock-book, under 1995 (with the Bellas Gallery, Brisbane)
  • Purchased for the NGA in 2001, possibly via Bellas, Brisbane?


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